Surf Stronger 1 & 2, Ski Stronger Triple Play

This 3-DVD package comes with the original, best-selling Surf Stronger--The Surfer's Workout, Surf Stronger--Core Training with Serena Brooke and our top-rated ski/snowboarding video, Ski Stronger--The Skier's Workout. Buy this package and have three killer sport-specific workouts, or buy the package and give one or two DVDs as a gift and keep the other for yourself. All DVDs feature complete "follow along" style workouts that are easy-to-follow yet challenging with multiple levels of difficulty. The videos are motivational and extremely effective for building your surf, ski/boarding fitness. All videos feature great surfing footage and outstanding soundtracks. Best of all, these are sport-specific workouts that will help take your surfing or skiing to the next level. This workout uses dumbbells, a yoga mat, and an exercise ball.